Paul's Cancer support centre, help the treatment of cancer patients with complementary therapies and counselling. They provide these services both at their support centre and visiting the patients at home. Many of the services they give are provided by volunteers.

Paul's Cancer Support Centre had an existing Drupal website which was difficult to navigate and did not coherently and effectively promote the services and the work that the centre did.

CRASH, the charity that works for the homeless with the construction industry, asked me to make several updates to their site to improve the user experience. The changes were designed to make the site simpler and more intuitive to use. The changes included:

This was a website design project for a Leadership & Neurodiversity Consultancy. They provide strengths based coaching, training and consultancy to organisations and educational establishments globally.  

This website uses the Wordpress content management system. The design is based on a contmporary business theme that uses a parallax effect. Using Wordpress allows the client to log on to the website and update all the content themselves. 

this was a website design project for an architectural firm based in Kuwait. I was contracted by a English branding agency to do the website development for the project.

This was a website design project for a company that offered advice and consultation services for French people moving to England and English people moving to France.

The website was built using the WordPress content management system.

The key elements to the website were:

Peak Property asked me to create a new website for them. They wanted the website design to be modern and show off the work that they did. The website would have three main sections for the main services they provided. Each section would have a similar layout but would also be distinct from the other sections.

The website design had several main features:

My Sash Window asked me to rebuild their existing website. They wanted a new website design that was contemporary and stylish, and they also wanted the ability to update the website for themselves.

CRASH are a homeless charity that works with the construction industry to provide homes and other services for homeless people. They had an existing website which was well designed, but they did not have access to it themselves to be able to update it. All the updates had to go through a third party. They asked me to rebuild the website so that they would be able to easily update all the content themselves. The work I did included: 

Integrity Coaching is a company providing management and senior leader coaching to organisations. They specialise in the education sector.  They are one of my long-standing clients. Integrity Coaching had an existing website that was built using the Joomla content management system. They wanted a new website which would have a fresh website design that would be appealing and easy for users to navigate.

London Cyrenians had recently had a new website designed for them which they were not satisfied with.  The original design did not allow them enough space for adding in images and more than a certain amount of text.  They wanted a new design that would be more flexible and more spacious for adding in images and text, and would also help their search engine rankings.  They asked me to create a new design for the Web site with these new qualities.